When It Hurts …

Well, I know many may say that a post like this would give more credit than deserved to a youth’s experience. That is an opinion, I will respect it. But I think it would be great to give consideration to the fact that experiences and life teachings do not choose age, it just happens.

My mind has been deeply engaging in trying to understand pain. Is it an emotion? A feeling? A state of mind? An illusion? An imagination? Upon consulting my dictionary, pain ocurred to me as to be a symptom of physical disorder. Equally emotional disorder; a fundamental feeling that people try to avoid. With that, my understanding of pain was furthered. So i will say, pain is a somatic sensation of acute discomfort. Before I write on, one of the definitions of pain is that its a fundamental feeling that people try to avoid. The word fundamental stands for an essential component of something. Its cardinal, its key its very much primal. If anything is fundamental then it is far reaching and thoroughgoing in effect especially on the nature of something. For Kenyan readers, this is a very wrong place to think about the song fundamentals.

Above stated is just the theory of pain. Upon a couple of experiences, it dawns to me that the dictionary does almost no justice to defining pain. Pain is heavily demotivating, it completely rapes one of one’s hopes and dreams. It  distorts, one does not simply walk same path one did after an encounter with pain; if you do then your walking style definitely wont be the same. In persistence, pain bears the potential to assassinate ones character. In one wave, pain breeds depression, depression breeds a second person in one body who never sees the reason to be good. In perspective, when this angel named Lucifer had an encounter with the pain of failure and rejection, he turned to be an evil angel, the devil-satan.

Scientists and doctors have tried that when one is is in pain they dose you with painkillers. They put you on anti depressants. In one of his songs, Lupe Fiasco puts it this way, ‘Pills with million side effects, Take em when the pains felt,
Wash them down with Diet soda, Killin off your brain cells…'( Words I never said by Lupe Fiasco & Skyler Grey) I know as one reads this they may disagree with my opinion. But think of it, why is it that all these drugs come with side effects? Why is it that the long term usage of the same mothers dependency? Can you deal or treat pain? We should be wist of the fact that when one one decides to deal with pain, to cure pain, to end pain, without their knowledge they are creating a demon inside. Sounds untrue?

In the past couple of decades, a conclusion that I have drawn concerning pain is that its not to be cured neither is it to be evaded. Pain is there, not to be dealt with but to be endured. Pain is present for us to go through. Think of pain as fire and yourself as iron. After the iron goes through the furnace it is not the same again yet it is more useful after that process. Tears to man was a gift because man has to cry.

See, what happens when we want to deal with pain? What happens when we want to end pain? There’s those of us who might seek help and try to get sober advice from every possible corner. Sometimes it helps sometimes it falls within the irrelevant and inadequacy bracket. My thoughts on that? It doesn’t really matter how much someone has gone through, basic fact remains the pain or situation you are going through was custom made for you. Meaning only you can comprehend it fully. The intensity with which you feel the pain was designed for you and you alone.

Well, there’s also those who decide or are forced to go through pain without looking for help. Those who say ‘adapt and carry on’. For the Christians, Jesus went through his pain without trying to cure it and thats how they became Christians. Too perfect a man? Martin Luther (16th-century) went through his pain and was even killed but thats how protestants came to be. Martin Luther King Jr (20th-Century) went through his pain and with that, though not yet there, equality or the road to equality is being trodden. Our very own mothers went through the pain of carrying us for 9 months and thats why you and I are here.


In conclusion, pain makes us and shapes us for our purpose. Dealing with it distorts your shape. I always advise my self to muscle up and go through these struggles and pains for I know at the end of it I will look back and smile. Bottom line is what what we go through may not be good to us, but is good for us.

7 thoughts on “When It Hurts …

  1. Interesting read. I once heard somewhere that, ‘pain, it demands to be felt’ . As much as it is unpleasant and people try to sweep it under the rug, it still demands to be faced.


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