His Words …


The heavy presence of the full moon felt nigh that night,
No cloud came to take the dare to appear to distract the sight,
This intense clarity gave the ability to see right through
The holy worship in heaven to the late repentance in hell,
This peace saw my demons sit to take notes as my angels spoke.

You could tell from the eloquence those words were meant for my ears,
‘Trod on, for every step you take strength is lost,
Trod on and keep your eyes on the mark in case it changes form,
Trod on and look back not like the wife of Lot,
In this journey have no taste for honey that walks you the same road twice.’

‘Upon meeting obstacles walk on for they shall give you way,
Things from your post will call your name with a voice so sweet,
Yet sweet its the voice that sweats you down to ashes so pay attention not,
Your help is always with you hence call out not lest you call the enemy,
Have a clean heart and distaste the these demons you term friends.’

In the banks of my thoughts I made a home for His Words,
With an aim of never walking the same road twice.

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