A nightmare is much needed
For us to appreciate not being in it,
What if day in out it goes the nightmare keeps stinging?
To have faceless people and voiceless choirs singing
Songs that melt our blood to devil-like chemicals to keep us sinning-
Yet this sins further our distance from the father, no more bread and butter

These nightmares bring a certain kind of pain
That when painkillers come into your system it multiplies
And tears one’s heart down to pieces- making redemption impossible,
There’s a promise from the demon in the nightmare just before you wake-
That the next time your eyes shut he will be waiting
Yet insomnia comes not as a  relief for your night.

Even soldiers hate it when the sound of bullets becomes their wake up tone,
Yet the fight only comes to an end upon a welcome to eternal peace
A silver lining to every cloud there is, for not even stars last forever.
Before the silver lining gives you hope remember hell is eternal nightmare,
It never does end, if practice makes perfect then crystal it is-
My space in the pits of hell is secured- nightmares never end.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo used above or any rights to it whatsoever. For more of abstract art photos and paintings follow this link

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