download Upon going through Facebook a couple of days back, to my notice it came that a former classmate of mine had a son already. Much of a shocker to me it was. Above the shock, it got me engaging my mind on how I would want my son to behave. Definitely I would not want him to emulate my behavior, as far as teenage hood is concerned.

With that statement, memories of the things my friends and I did back in school came to mind. Back then, there was four of us; Ryan, Matt, Husna and myself. That was the squad. We used to hangout and ace exams. Not the top of class kind of acing, but enough for us to be called above average but below intelligence.

Speaking of the squad, a time there was which all of us were punished together. The whole mess started the previous day. I arrived home from school when our house-help asked, ‘What did you learn in school?’ Owing to the fact that I didn’t feel like an explanation to her was due, I replied, ‘Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow.’ She said I was rude. Well, I didn’t see it.

The next day in class, our grammar teacher walks into class and finds Ryan asleep.
So he calls out; Teacher: Ryan!! (He wakes up and gives a blank stare) Give me a sentence starting with I.
Ryan: I is…
Teacher: No, Ryan, you must always say I am.
Ryan: Oh! Right, I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.
Teacher: Ryan!! Stand on your locker!!

But that was Ryan. On this other side, Matt was busy vibing the new student. She was pretty though. The teacher saw this enough reason to pick on Matt.
Teacher: Hey, how do you spell wrong?
Matt: R-O-N-G!
Teacher: That’s wrong! (Furious)
Matt: Isn’t that what you asked for?
Teacher: Mathew, carry your seat out of class and sit just out of the door!!

It goes without saying that the teacher was already angry then. For the sake of professionalism and the class at large, he decided to keep his cool.
Teacher: After that madness, lemme ask this on a light note, what letters are not in the alphabet?
Me: The ones in the mail! (I randomly shouted. He hated that)
Teacher: Anduvate! Go sit on the dust-bin!!

After my response, He gave the class a lecture on how serious THEY should be. Then he asked a final question.
Teacher: If you had five apples on your desk and the boy next to you takes three, what will you have?
Husna: A fight!!
Teacher: I will ignore that. Moving on, what do you do when life hands you a lemon. I need a quick answer for this one. Its the last icebreaker question before I teach.
Husna: Check yourself into rehab- you are on drugs! Life does not have hands.
Teacher: Husna, Anduvate, Mathew and Ryan, go and wait for me in the staffroom.

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