So much did he love that it sold him out to the confines of insanity. His love for him ran deep down to interact with magma forming a compound indestructible. Yet all this was caging him. He didn’t notice.

Kissing towards the direction she left, he hoped she would feel it hence be attracted back to him. He invested time in painting the wind; casting his faith that this image will be raised high enough for her to notice. For all it was worth, he attention he craved consequently, his heart suffered breakage when none of that attention came his way.

Lonely days inspired him to smoke stars whose falling ashes he cast his wishes upon. Hoping this ashes will cause ailment on her to bring her home for treatment. Then he would get to see her. Just to see her.

Because she was religious, he made  a temple out of his body where he burned scriptures much that every time he looked in the mirror, he saw smoke. Holy smoke which he banked on to bring her back to his arms.

Even when she didn’t come back, and he broke into pieces- he didn’t give up. Just by the thought of her, all his broken pieces curled into seeds to plant themselves into a new hope.

She became his music. For you can find music in places you can’t find air.

23 thoughts on “I M P E R F E C T HARMONIES

  1. However vague my answer may be just know I tried to understand it….

    It feels painful,what ‘he’ went through but yet I see some joy in it God knows why….

    I liked it…I liked the emotions you put in and how short it was yet it felt like its meaning was long

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