LAST O F HER . . . was pregnant for him. They were happy together. That day, they were just indoors playing around and recording the stupid things they did together. All this inspired so much joy among them. A joy kept ablaze by the love thy had for each other. She didn’t want him to go anywhere else that day. She wanted him home. That was her joy.

As they enjoyed each other’s company, his squad knocked the door. They didn’t even come in. They just told him it was time to go. He didn’t listen to her pleading nor pay attention to her tears, he just left. You couldn’t or wouldn’t blame him for that. It was the only way he knew how to provide for his family.

They parked the car out of the store. As they walked in, they slid into their masks. No sooner had they gotten in than they started robbing. They had the job done in less than a minute but the 5-0 was already there. They ran for the backdoor but he got caught, arrested and put in jail.

She came to see him after she saw the story on the news. She was so heartbroken. They argued and engaged in  a war of words so she left At the last junction before their home, she was ran over by a petroleum truck. That was the last of her.

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