My vows with silence go unbroken as I watch her writhe; after effects of the sidewinder-life,
The rhythm of her contortions depict how much venom is racing through her vein-pain,
She weeps deep for the roads untraveled as seemingly they hold more peace than strife,
Crying would help her ease the trouble but her wells are well dry-drought no rain,
Only anthems of a dying day play in her stereo, a further step from hope,
Too gone to be born afresh is the tale she tells and yes confidently proclaims,
Nothing is stronger than broken faith yet her’s is beyond broken, more to say,
Beyond fate and all these are waters running from the rivers flowing from the inside.


From whom she came comes conspicuous spills of paint to portray an abstract of hate,
Beyond six feet-closer to hell further from heaven-lays days when she was sure of a smile,
I dread the day this torrent of torment will whisper to this fallen star,
To make her see that a heart only is hurt in duration of love till hate lends a helping hand,
For then an untamed beast shall be raised to raze down everything, turning evens odd,
For even those she called friends behind closed doors froze her heart to grab her innocence,
Agony, under no terms, agreed to become a friend and now for the dark she’s left,
As she fights to survive, an edifice of pain sorrow and hate builds up in the inside.


Indeed fighting the night does not ring the sun up any early, yet that’s her longing,
For her pain, tears cant comfort, she wants her heart beat given to a corpse,
As she questions where the angels went, she’s slowly evolving into the devil’s favorite demon,
Her spirit and soul lay in a grave unattended, even darkness fears her,
Yet from the inside she stirs a fight for redemption and her right to life,
Not defined y flesh and blood; ‘more is to man than the body he carry’ is her belief,
So on my knees I remind the Lord to turn on her light and break her tunnel,
For the sweet song to rise from a purified heart, right from the core of the inside.

(c) 2014 Anduvate Ray Solomon

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