R A Z E . . .


This time when he called only the devil answered for his heart couldn’t host God,
The seeds he sowed gave birth to a demon that now couldn’t be tamed, it only tormented,
Daily in depression he shed a thousand tears each drop representing a different pain,
Today he stays to say and testify that once you fall hard it is stability to gain,
Though he ponders over why grace can not allow the past to rest in the depths of its grave,
Before God he counts himself an angel fallen and fears the redemption path to brave,
Into the emptiness of yesterday he stares with almost no hope for tomorrow,
So into pieces he falls to render himself helpless as a new age begins-that of sorrow.

It replays in his mind again, how she breathed hard gasping for oxygen,
That was after he trailed her and covered her face in darkness to take away her
Well guarded dignity; she tried to plead and pray that he stops but his demons cared not,
He then pulled out a seven inch dagger to tattoo her tongue and feed on her blood-vampire,
Then his boots met her face to leave footprints on her body and away he laughed,
Her body began to convulse; to put her misery to an end in a pool so red,
He drove the dagger into her heart seven times; he then licked the knife then uncovered
His victim’s face, they say die looking your killer in the eye; yes, a mother looked at her son.

Ice cold he turned as a ghost took his soul but left him with his breath,
Repercussions of his actions haunted his once pleasant dreams-nightmares,
Haunted by his own soul and existence tears expressed not the full blown guilt within,
The rhythm of the dance of life he lost owing to his guilty feet yet death couldn’t accept him ,
Fears of his victim coming from beyond the grave to offer a chance to dance numbed him,
For a heart like his, absolute boredom would be suffered in heaven and
Loneliness down deep in hell because his worship defeats the purpose,
Beyond the limit of the bottomless pit, his heart was beyond redemption.(c) 2014 Anduvate Ray Solomon

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