The Journey . . .


As a little boy, all that ever crossed my mind was peace and happiness. That was all. No one had to fight. No one had to go through pain. Then with the world, there was intensive interaction. The first pain I experienced was watching my dad walk out of the house everyday, leaving me behind in the name of going to work. Everyday it hurt. Then realization that pain must be faced dawned. Pain must be felt, because pain is weakness leaving the body.

Adaptation happened, it didn’t hurt anymore. I grew a shed colder. That changed how I reasoned, how I thought. Peace and happiness faded. Conflicts and fights were all that mattered. Bold men take action, you will have to react before you get blown into fractions.

Thoughts of war frequented my mind, eventually war came to me. Daily, there was a hunger to fight. The part that appreciated peace within was empty and spacious like the part of the brain that appreciates culture in a racist. My needs consisted moments of violence, there was need to bleed. Time it was to cut the heads of those who didn’t bow and use them as flags. Worthy to recognize; once you step on the danger line, to see peace, you must fight.

For peace, hunger and thirst falls out forthwith you fire your first bullet in the slaughter field. Make no mistake about it, setting foot on grounds that peace knows not, there’s no turning. War imprints on your feet much that every ground you step on becomes a battleground. On waging war, there’s no turning back; on retreating, the enemy chases you down. War must be waged till the pharynx of the enemy is cut loose. Till you paint your canvas with that blood. Let it be known today that killing is illegal, unless the murder kills in large numbers and to the sound of the trumpet.

It is during war that peace is salivated for. It is then that a longing for peace and joy rises again. The end of war is out of sight, only the dead have seen the end of war. It was then that I thirsted for innocence. That’s when I knew the journey ends where you started.

You have the machinery to shake the world? Before you shake the world, consider you live in the world. When it shakes, everything falls down. Being a man, you fall first then everything else falls on you. There’s no victory in war. War never determines who is right, it only determines who is left.

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