She Buried Him . . .

‘I can live without you!’ were the last words she said to him. In her assessment this was the opportune time to let the fire die out. Out of her soul he took life and happiness. Her heart had grown weary from all heartaches. The only way this could be achieved was if she, after failing to be his love, be his mortician.

This once was a sweet story. Amidst his busy schedule, a day for her he set apart. Giving her attention like the queen she was. Her heart she painted with true love, selflessness and a willingness to die a little bit inside for him. Momentarily, he felt the same. She was the only thing that mattered. Her joy was his and so was her pain. Curtains that conceal the truth that time holds hadn’t fully opened. Slowly though, it was drawing.

A day came when unto her he directed the words, ‘you are proving to be a distraction to my course, I do not want to let you go but we need to slow it down.’ Not knowing how to react, subject to being blinded by emotions and a desire to see him at his best she responded, ‘with that standing, can we not see each other for three weeks?’ Comprehending that statement differently and away from the mark, he started to grow distant.

Then came the realization that with every new hour, a mile apart they grew. Blame this on poor judgement. He grew distant in love and greater in selfishness and lust. The pure heart he could once brag about had melted and taken on an impure form, only that he was too stupid to notice. Her heart was still the same, holding on to true love.

Time and again they would meet. They would get intimate. They fulfilled each other’s fleshly desires through every imaginable way but he never did allow sex to happen. She however wanted them to go all the way, not from every other man- just from him. Not as an adulterous sign, but as a sign of total love and trust to him. She wanted him to have the whole of her.

He didn’t let it happen for he valued her esteem. He was knowledgeable enough to appreciate that a lady’s esteem lies in her sexuality. He wanted to protect her. No wonder they never went the full length of intimacy. But with every intimate moment was the resurrection of feelings of love that only he could satisfy and no one else. Yet his eyes were cast somewhere else.

Every time they met, this happened. The bits of affinity lied to her that they were back. Maybe she thought by this she would win him back. It was a lie. What do you know about lies? They’re just a decadent pleasures of your heart disguised.

Finally, she got tired of hurting. She told him, ‘I can live without you!’ When he heard that statement, he saw the sincerity. He saw he needed to walk away. He saw he needed to be forgotten. This was his first love. He buried his last, and put himself in a casket. He finally allowed her to put him with the dead. Not to think of him anymore. She buried him.

10 thoughts on “She Buried Him . . .

  1. Do you see us like this. Is this why you don’t speak to me? If you want me to truly walk away
    forever as if I never was your partner, your lover and my best friend until you became mean
    and have attempted to put me in a coffin lol. This is in no way what I wanted. I think you owe me at least a coffee but I guess now as good a time to say goodbye to my wife whom I’ve waited for years to win back. I’ll think about it. Lol

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