Unending Melodies. . .


The beauty the skies holds are indescribable. Much that cloudy days may not inspire much appreciation. The music that comes with the blowing wind has never changed, man has heard it for thousands of years yet cannot compose music to match that. For him, she could. She outclassed the skies, out-sang the wind. She sang to him.

Even in the devil’s hour, when all creation stops, stares and prays not to be caught, he danced to the melodies that extended from her. Not that she was singing all the time. She had dug deep into him, found his insanity and replaced it with her music. She entered deep into his soul, found the hell that existed there, she tore it down and build a city behind it then placed her melody there. All he knew was her.

She had to leave. She promised to keep the melodies running, to keep him dancing. For the first few months that was true. Then it started reducing, but he kept dancing. When she didn’t sing, her melodies still came from deep down. Only that it was growing weaker and weaker. He needed to hear her sing, but she didn’t. He grew desperate, she didn’t feel it. His insanity wasn’t there to protect him. He became her slave. She owned him.

Realizing this, he started to fight. A revolt from within was set to motion. The mission being to break free. Every time he was almost free, she hummed and the melodies would come back to life. He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t resist dancing. The city she built still stands strong.

She plays him like a puppet. Though slowly he is learning to cut the strings. One day he will not be a puppet anymore. But the city still stands strong within him Never will he hear the end of these melodies.

The art works are not mine neither do I own any rights to them. All rights reserved. For more of such art click here

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