A belief that reigns states the student grows to be better than the teacher. The whole world looked at Den Adel and spat at her feet with condemnation. They thought he sins had overflown her cup and crucifixion would not be enough punishment. In fact, they thought far enough to see that upon crucifixion her blood would fall to the earth and soil- that would corrupt their living place. Learn this today, when you go, you see and you conquer, you won’t be the same person.

Not too long through the pages of time had Den Adel been called a rose, beautiful and thorny. That which attracted the attention of the dead, alive and yet to be born. She knew innocence, like that of a lamb going to be slain. Her bubble was seen and though to be too perfect. It had to be done away with. She had to make friends with cruelty.

A normal day to her it was. Sailing, like the titanic- unaware of the ice bergs. Everything happening too fast, she was pinned to the floor and her innocence stolen. Tears were not enough to express the pain neither did they need gravity to fall. Within her came the corrosion of chemicals that decompose our bodies in death. The equation had to be balanced. Only her body was defiled, no wonder she felt the pain. Her mind, spirit and soul had to be defiled too, for then all will be normal. Fire quenches fire.

The world bombarded her with all sorts of material. Drugs, money, porn and false teachings just to balance the equation. She sank deeper and deeper in this sea that she did not recognize defilement anymore. The deeper she sank, the more the pressure increased, the more she transfigured. From human to beast. Only that when she became a beast, she could not sink any more. Chains could not confine her any longer, she started emerging from the deep.

Den Adel had internalized the teachings the world gave to her and now was a master of them. When the world saw this they claimed that it was too much; over the border. And now she could not fit in. The creativity of man was directed towards coining words to describe her ways that were beyond unlawful. It is true, she was a rose. Beautiful and thorny. A rose is plucked from its plant, held for its scent then trampled upon on the ground.

If upon being sleepy a child is placed in a casket, blame the child not for making the graveyard his/her playground.

Wisdom, which is what they perceived to be within their possession upon putting it to us that fire is quenched by fire. Truth is, fire breeds fire. If indeed it stands as truth then all that would remain of hell would be smoke. Wouldn’t the sin of man have atoned itself? Fire breeds fire; no wonder a mechanic’s son approaches a malfunctioning carburetor with less trepidation than that of a ballet master.

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8 thoughts on “D I S S I M U L A T I O N

  1. I honestly have no words because of so many factors but all I can say is keep using emotions in your writing because, people are captured by emotions, even the great leaders used emotions to capture people’s hearts; Martin Luther King is a good example with his iconic speech of I have a dream.

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  2. wow!! wink emoticon i gotta say that this thing has made me see life in a bigger perspective…i think i need to read more of yoh blogs tongue emoticon tongue emoticon tbh,,buh this phrase though,, ”fire breeds fire”..is something really!!…your smart devil emoticon grin emoticon like emoticon keep it real meehn!!


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