I Bought You A Rose. . .

The true definition of hate is love. The minds addicted to status quo will dispute that statement without investing further thought to it.

He bought a rose on his way back home from work. All happy and excited to go home to the arms of the one he loves. The thoughts of her beauty consumed him much that he didn’t seem to notice the thick traffic on Valley Road. At the same time, with grace he held the flower being careful not to choke it.

Finally he gets home. He wanted everything to be a surprise and so he silently opened the door and silently closed it. He tip-toed towards the stairs that led to their room. The site he catches excites him the more. He knew he was in for a valentine’s special. On the floor were her clothes. The order with which they appeared was a tale of what went off her body first.

This had been their Valentine tradition. That he would find her ready. Finally he reaches the bedroom door and swings it open with a huge smile on his face. He finds and sees her to be ready, in fact more than ready. Only that she was at the mercies of a stranger. Both the wife and the stranger get shocked but he smiles at both of them then says, ‘Honey, I got you your rose, I will put it in the vase. Let me go and get dinner.’ He then left them breathing heavy, both out of shock and pleasure.

He then steps out and borrows his neighbor’s Chevrolet Silverado and went to the shops. He bought more roses and a supersized rectangular box. All these were gifts to his dearly beloved wife. He loved her that much. Again, he walked into the house through the back door silently. The wife and the stranger do not know what to do. He walks into the living room and finds both of them fully dressed.

‘Babe, I’m sorry for…’ the wife tried to speak
‘Forgiven’ He interrupted. The stranger wanted to leave but he wasn’t allowed to. Until he had had something to eat. Leaving the wife and the strangers to the delicacies, he went and closed the door then went to the room he had left the supersized box. He then called the stranger.

Not knowing which other way to react, he goes. No sooner had the stranger entered the room than a huge thud followed then came the laughter of the husband. Then the husband emerged pulling the box towards the wife saying, ‘All these are your gifts for this valentine; I love you this much. His smile was still intact.

‘Go ahead and open it!’ He said to her. She opened the box and was stunned. In disbelief she turned to look at her husband. The husband said in a very loud whisper, ‘SURPRISE!’ He then covered her mouth and drove a seven inch dagger twice through her heart, four times through each kidney and seven times through her abdomen. He then let her fall into the box where the stranger also was. He closed the box- call it a casket, smiled at himself and said, ‘happily ever after!’ He then went to dispose the bodies.

His final words to her was, ‘I bought you a rose for valentines but you gave me a bullet for mine.’

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