My Paradise is You . . .

Yes, he caught her cheating. He found her with a lover on their matrimonial bed. Consumed by justifiable rage, he killed both of them But because it was valentines day, he bought her roses and let the roses rest on the grave in which he buried both of them. He created a happily ever after for them.

He came back home, not sure about how he was feeling. He couldn’t get himself to sleep on that bed. So he sent himself to the couch to catch a nap. In his sleep, she appeared. She wasn’t there to haunt him. She came to let him know that without him, her nights were awake. She couldn’t bare eternity without him.

She sang to him melodies that his heart couldn’t resist. He started entertaining the thought of going to her. But from where he stood he couldn’t cover the distance to get to her. He started hungering for her. She became his lithium.

She was there to chase down any nightmares that dared attack him. She became his guardian angel. She was his fallen angel. He wanted to ammend her broken wings but to do that, he would have to go to her. He then decides to tell her to come get him. In response, she asks,
‘How did you send me here?’
‘I stabbed you severally!’ He replies
‘That’s the same way I will bring you to me.’ She said and he agreed to it.

In the middle of the night as he slept, he was woken up by noises that sounded like someone breaking into his house. Before he could properly get up, he saw two men walking towards him. One had a gun and didn’t hesitate to shoot both his feet. This left him immobile. The second thug had a dagger with him.

The second thug had a dagger with him. He started by driving the dagger through both his eyes and gauged them out. In pain, the man began to scream, and for this his tongue was cut out and his mouth was cut wide making it seem like his mouth ran from ear to ear. He was then cut open from his neck down to his abdomen. Then the last rite was performed, his heart was cut out then he was left for dead.

As he transitioned from life into death, he saw her waiting with open arms at heaven’s gate. ‘Finally, you are here my beloved, you are mine to keep forever. Not even death can do us part.’ She said.
‘Lets get married again!’ He suggested.

The immediately, eternity’s priest appeared and took them through the vows,
‘Do you take this man in death for the rest of your un-natural life?’ the priest asked
‘Yes, I do.’ she replied
‘Do you take this woman in death for the rest of your un-natural life?’ the priest asked
‘I do’ he replied

I now pronounce you ..

She turned to him and said, ‘I could not do this without you. I could not enjoy this paradise without you. My paradise is you!’

This is the second and final part of the piece I Bought you a rose. To read it just click on it.

I do not own any rights to the photo used above. To get to the original photo click here


18 thoughts on “My Paradise is You . . .

  1. Wow. Hii Creativity imeenda shule

    Poor boy.
    “That’s the same way I will send you to me”she said and he agreed to it.


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