Best believe that no mining of the mind can yield reason after a night of heavy drinking then waking up to a stranger on your bed. It doesn’t help that you have no recollection of how you met her nor her name and how and why are they blood stained and breathless dead.

Reality suddenly kicks in when the police sirens start to echo around my home. Then a voice cutting through the atmosphere speaks out, ‘Sir, you are surrounded. Come out of the house with your hands held high above your head!’ What was really going on? How did the police even get to my place? I decide to obey the words of the guy giving orders. So I step out of my bed and start heading towards my bedroom door.

As I open my bedroom door that normally leads to the corridor, I find my self in a dark room. Not only was it a dark room but it also came with the feeling that I was falling into a huge hollowness. Wait, it was not a feeling. I was actually falling and this I realized after I hit the floor hard and cold. Then a big screen appeared in front of me. Strangely, mirrors developed all around the walls. All I could see was infinity reflections of myself. Voices like echoes of wind constantly ran through the room.

Then the screen starts to play. Forces I cannot explain chain me. I cannot see the chains my self but I feel them. On the screen, I see my self at a night club. A beautiful well curved lady walks up to me and sits on my laps. She starts to lap dance. I loved the aggression with which she came. To resist her I make no effort, she then asks that we either get a room or we go to my place. We leave the night club together and we head to my home. On our way home, we were stopped by some gunmen. They asked for our belongings. Knowing how fast a bullet moves, I throw my hands in the air, only that I didn’t wave them like I just didn’t care, and tell them to take anything and everything they needed or thought was theirs.

She reaches for her purse and one of the gunmen shouts, ‘SHE’S ARMED!! SHE’S ARMED!’ Without any momentary hesitation, they shoot her straight to the heart. Under the influence of alcohol, confusion and adrenalin, I speed out of the place and headed straight for my house. I put her to bed then I black out. I then wake up to sirens and notices from the police officers. The screen fades to black, the mirrors break and all goes quiet. Then a door appears and I hear voices telling me to walk on into that door.

As I start to walk, the chains I felt fall off- yes I heard them hit the ground. The weird thing was, as I walked, I was not getting any closer to the door but the door was coming closer and closer to me. As I reach out for it, a bright light strikes me and I fall into a trance, call me Saul. In this trance, I see my self in a night club, the same one as before. I see this beautiful woman and forcefully pull her to me. She tries to complains but I ignore as I force a drink down her throat. She passes out. I then carry her to my car and I drive home. Getting home, I carry her and dump her on my bed. My intentions were to take advantage of her. But then she was back to consciousness and put up a fight. She puts up a strong fight and that didn’t impress me.

Knocking her out, I leave the room and head to the kitchen to grab a seven inch knife. Coming back to the room, I find her calling for help on her phone so I stabbed her in the abdomen and kidney. Before she could pass out, with a foreign object she hits my head hard and I pass out. Then I woke up to police sirens. After that, the trance was shuttered out.

Living With A Dementia Patient

Coming back to reality, I was in cuffs and under custody. The only difference was that I was not in the custody of the police but that of people dressed like paramedics. I overheard one of the officers say, ‘I do not think he is sane. We need to run tests on him. The police say he has given two conflicting statements concerning the same crime. We need to observe him closely!’

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