After tarmacking and job seeking for a long time, Strawman finally gets an appointment letter. The job he got required him to move from his current place of residence. At this point the only advantage he had was that he was single. He didn’t need anything big. He scouted around and finally got a place.

Strawman likes the place. He had been offered a room in someone’s house which was affordable for him. According to the terms of agreement, what he would eat and any other thing had been taken care of. His host gives him a notice though, ‘Sir, you are allowed to do whatever you so wish in this house, visit whichever room you so like but the basement is personal. Not even for your life should you be found there.’ He agreed to this.

That was easy to abide by for the first couple of weeks. The basement then started interesting Strawman. At certain times of the day and night, strange noises and sounds emanated from the basement. Furthermore, as the strange noises and sounds came from the basement, some sort of supernatural dark power swept through the house. Radio signals could get affected, lights would go on and off, books would fall from the shelves, windows would swing violently open then shut themselves though no glass ever broke and peace of mind was hard to find.

To Strawman’s attention came the though that he had never seen the owner of the house move around. It was as though he appeared and disappeared. His hands were always behind his back. Moreover, every time they had a conversation, Strawman couldn’t really hear his voice but understood everything he said. It was as though he spoke straight into the mind and soul of a being. He began to question whether he really ever saw the owner of the house or it was a trance. With all these happenings, you would go to that basement. Won’t you?

Armed with his torch, Strawman walks down the stairs. Reaching out for the door knob, he almost hears a whisper saying, ‘you don’t want to do that.’ He also felt as though there was a crowd around him, too many people around. But he could not see. Maybe his imagination had gone a tad bit too far. So he turns the knob and walks in. It is so dark and almost quiet. He could tell within the basement there were movements, yet so gentle one may not decipher. As his eyes start to adapt to the darkness, he surveys the room- more with his senses than anything else.  He also keeps on walking further and further from the door. The basement was way bigger a space than he ever imagined.

As he walks through the room carefully, he stumbles upon something and this prompts him to light his torch. Immediately the torch went on there was an increase of temperature in his mouth that caused the salivary glands to equally stop working. He was spoilt for choice, should his heart stop beating or increase the rate at which it should beat. Around him lies human skulls and bones- broken bones for that matter. A further examination of the room leads him to see bodies hanging on hooks over the roof of the basement. It is only at this time that he noticed the stench in that room. Frightened, he decides to run his torch through the whole room, he notices strange looking human beings standing all round the room. All of them having their eyes on him. He didn’t care much for the rest as for the one he saw with a piece of the human hand, feeding on it like a delicacy. It seemed like a man eat man society.

Was he shocked or frightened? His adrenaline didn’t prompt a fight or flight response. It only laughed at him and made him weak. These strange looking beings had started closing in on Strawman. I think they wanted to surround him so that he is at the center of it all. It was at that time that he noticed a door slightly open, just about seven feet from where he was. He rushed for it and closed the door behind him. He finally can breathe! Just as he is about to give that sigh of relief, he hears echoes of laughter. Laughter that went deep into your mind to destabilize every foundation within a man, mock his pride and preach death to his soul. A laughter that turned every part of the human body into a toxic chemical to consume one whole. As the echoes of laughter reverberate through the room, he also notices that there is some humming going on. It was as though there was a choir down there humming tunes, not so hopeful. The torch in his hands disappear and a silence that tells of the tension between heaven and hell took over.

Uniformly, candles go on in the room. Strawman sees a table-like structure. The structure has paintings and engravings of scary signs, scary cult-like signs. Amidst the humming, and the laughter, he notices there is someone invoking spirits through spells. He begins to feel weak at the knees and falls to the ground. Then four men walk up to him, carry him and place him on the table like structure. His hands and legs are tied up. Then the owner of the house appears, out of infinity. In his hands he holds a knife. The owner of the house starts to invoke spirits and the atmosphere becomes violent. Strawman starts to feel like he is being consumed by a force he can’t explain. He begins to pray in his heart, with a faith greater than the mustard seed.

Then the owner of the house prays, ‘Thank you for bringing this sacrifice that we may offer unto you!’ The owner then covers Strawman’s eye with one hand as the one with the dagger goes up in the air. Strawman begins to breathe heavy, then darkness takes over.

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