M I S S I V E . . .

After the normal morning jog, Callaway heads back home and finds a letter at his door step. Opening it, he finds an invitation to attend the Cadavar Concert. this concert was one of a kind. It  entailed performances in jazz and classical music with tickets going for $750. The sender of the invitation and ticket didn’t sign nor leave identification. The concert would happen two hundred miles away and it was the day before the concert.

In the letter, Callaway was to get himself to a Shell gas station four blocks down from his residence. Callaway got himself ready and started his journey later in the day. At the gas station, he was to collect another letter. In the letter he collected, there were two car keys. He was to leave one at the gas station and use another. As soon as he got hold of the key he was to use, an employee pointed him to a black Ford Raptor parked at the gas station. He walked right into it and put it on the ignition. This was the mysterious nature of his profession. Every client wanted something different.

The atificial intelligence system in the Raptor told him to check the back seat for an envelope. In it was $7500 and according to the instructions,he was to use it to cater for his accomodation expenses. So he drove until was at the venue of the Cadavar Concert. He got a room in a nearby motel awaiting the next instruction. In the waiting process, he fell asleep only to wake up the next day. He was woken up by a knock on his door. Upon opening he saw no one but  trolley with a brown envelope on it. He opened and read it. It read, “You will use entry/exit 9 at exactly 1943 hours. You will turn left and walk twenty three yards and get into room B13. Your package and next instruction will be there. You will now use the Chevrolet Silverado with no registration as i have taken back the Raptor.”

He read this at the door of his motel room. As he turned to get into his room again, someone from the corridors sprayed something with a sweet fragrance into his room and ran away. Callaway got a headache immediately and before he could get to hid bed, he collapsed. He regained consciousness at at 1915 hours. Being professional, he got ready for his task. He got to the parking and saw the Silverado. The driver’s door was open with the key in the ignition. So he drove and got to B13 just in time. The room was strangely lit. He saw two bags on the floor. He surveyed closely and came across the letter.

“Open both bags. Examine the bodies, the senior one label X and the famous one label Y. Take both X and Y and have the buried at the city’s cemetary. The graves are already dug and ready. After labelling X and Y, replace their heads then carry on. We are watching you!”

On opening the first bag, he recognizes that it was a polititian, well known and powerful in that area. The second bag had the world famous record holding athlete. Upon examining the bodies, he realised that one of them had been strangled to death by the marks on the neck and the other one had been crucified. Crucified because both hands still had nails at the centre and the feet too. Inside the second bag was a machete. He used this to cut both heads from the body. He then labelled the politician X and the athlete Y. He then put the heads in different bags that the politician was matched with the athlete’s.

Immediately he did this, there was aknock at the door. Callaway reached for the door. Upon opening the door he sees a supersized trolley with two layers. One labelled X and the other Y. Accordingly, he loaded the bodies on the respective layers of the trolley and pushed them to the truck. He loaded them in the carrier of the Silverado truck and followed the GPS directions to the cemetary. He saw two freshly dug graves just at the entrance of the cemetary.

Getting out of the truck to bury the bodies, blue and red lights accompanied by sirens fill the atmosphere. The policemen come in and ask him to step aside. They then offload the bodies from the Silverado and load the onto their car. Then they emerge with two other bodies from their car and place them in the graves. They then fill the graves, flatten the place and put fake grass on top. All this was done as Callaway watched.

They then turn to Callaway and asked him to turn around as they tries to cuff him saying, “You are under arrest for the murder of…” Before they could finish, a motorcycle drove by and shot all the police officers then the rider shouted, “Callaway, here is your letter!” He then threw it at him.

This one read,”Your payment has already been deposited in your account. We will contact you for the next job.”

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