Was It Real? …

At Sunset, I could finally breathe. A day so tough had withered me away. The feeling in me was of that person who had taken muscle relaxers. Getting home, hunger had no say over my sleep. Consequently, I then approached my bed with confidence that I may find sleep and rest on it. Before the lights could go off after I switched them off, I already was snoring.

The fatigue from the day infected my mind much that the only dreams it could generate were those that were not valid; what a layman would call a nightmare. Displeasing it was that on trying to rest I was dragged down below, down to the devil’s show to be his guest for the night. Not any better was it that my eyes were too tired to open, to wake me up from a dream that looked like an award winning Hollywood horror.

A mental asylum is the place I was, in a stray jacket. The room I was in was disturbingly decorated in white, all that could be done was staring down those empty walls. Caged I was in the confines of my mind where the only viable thing to do was to eat seeds as a pastime activity. Then the walls of my room melted away revealing a well trimmed field. The bed I was seated on turned to bench on which I was sleeping on. The skies shy of the light, faded into the night and tis guy approached. He stood above 6″4 and was very muscular. Everything about him was meant to sent shivers to humanity. He looked like the guy who would organize an army that makes the devil nervous.

He freed me from my stray jacket then took me with him. He had parked a supersized Mercedes Benz truck and was asking every patient in the asylum to get into the container being pulled by the truck. All this seemed like a sweet escape although something about it didn’t feel right. As every patient was asked to get into the container, I was asked to be the co-driver.

He drove to is huge mine then parked the truck in reverse; he parked in such a way that if one walked out of the container, one would fall into the mine. At the mine’s base there was a bubbling molten substance. Judging from the temperatures around the place, the molten substance was hot.

An order from the guy to me was that with my phone, I should capture each moment in photos and short clips. He then went back to the truck and engaged a gear. The container behind the truck was hoisted at an angle. Then the door to the container flung open and all the people in the container were thrown into the mine.

The scary thing was that everybody who came into contact with the molten substance turned to a nobody as their bodies exploded. Seemingly, this was tickling the fancy of this guy. When he noticed that everybody was out of the container, he shoved me over the edge and there I was heading towards the base of the mine. It was then that I woke up.

So confused and devastated was the state I found my self in. I reached out for my phone to find comfort and to update my self on what time it was. Looking at my screen, I saw a paused video. On playing it, it felt as though I was falling, upon pausing it, I was okay. Flipping through my gallery, the photos I thought I took in my dream were there and other videos too. Was it real?

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