The air he felt n his lungs was being quickly replaced by water. As the hour glass faded, he sank a little more in the black. He could tell he was drowning because the point at which he was, no light could penetrate the thickness of the water. How he wished for a quick death. He wished for a shark to cross his path. Before he could wish enough, his spirit got tired of drowning so it left, leaving him to go rest on the titanic.

They built a tombstone for him. His spirit found rest there. The she matched to the tombstone to address him. She was in tears. Had he left too early? Was she sad he was gone or was this freedom to her?  Would she miss the friendship or finally breathe the oxygen he couldn’t find? His ghost gave her the back and even before she could start speaking, his ghost called for horses to rid on and gallop away.

‘You burnt so bright, you set me on fire. You freed my mind but imprisoned my heart and soul. You were not a star. You were more of a comet. You crossed my skies when you felt like. Not so often, but every time you did, I melted. I was happy; just for the moment. I can’t tell if your love was pure or it was simply a momentary excitement. Your body rests deep in the waters so cold, where you belong. I hope your cold heart has found a home. Where do you belong? Heaven is too good for you; hell is too hot for you. You died a dream forgotten, no casket for such souls. What I owe you is what you will never get.’ She spoke to that tombstone as though it was him.

Instead of placing the roses on his tombstone, she broke and tore the roses in spite of him yet as she walked away she whispered, ‘I love you!’

I do not hold any rights to the photo used above. All rights reserved to the artist. No copyright infringement is intended. To see more of the artist’s work click here

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