C A T A C L Y S M..

When the Scientists asked for a volunteer for an experiment, he gladly offered himself. After the long forgotten experiment, he wakes up. But he wakes up as the last human on earth. He wakes up from his cryogenic sleep. Soon enough, his lone soul directs his mind to conceive the idea that civilization had ended a millennium ago. In this case, there was no comfort in the truth as this idea was a fact. He was the last man on earth.

How peaceful it was. No birds to chirp, no oceans to roar, no wind to blow and no nature to behold. The earth, however, was not formless. There was just an absence of life. He felt cold in his heart and soul. This cold extended to his flesh. He shivered with cold despite the sun shining brightly. He felt alone – even spiritually. Science existed no more to provide subjective solutions that more often than not follows the money.

The only way out in this case was suicide. He walked the terrain of the earth; after hours he saw a great depression. A very deep depression; I wouldn’t know how deep it was because at that time the knowledge of mathematics had gone to rest with the rest of the civilization. He took the dive. Hitting hard on the floor of the depression, he died.

Expecting the freedom that comes with being immortal, disappointment became his immediate companion. He wakes to the realization that heaven gates are closed and hell is full. How heartbreaking! Without his consent, he finds himself back on earth. Alone. He begins to understand why civilization feared silence. Then death approaches him and begins to speak, ‘You can no longer die,’ Death paused, ‘there’s no heaven nor hell, at least not anymore.’

He tries to respond and speak to Death but the after all those years in silence, he could not remember how to talk or express himself. He did not know how to express himself anymore! ‘My time is also up, I was the one holding the earth together waiting for you to wake. Now that you are awake, I have nothing left to do. AS I leave, I will leave with the earth. Find a place to stay. You are the last man, you will be homeless and alone till someone gets kicked out of heaven -hell is full!’

All rights reserved to the artist of the photo used above. No copyright infringement intended. To view more of the artist’s works click here.

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