W I N D …

There’s an old saying, ‘Whatever you do or see or hear when the ball drops on New Year’s is what you will be doing, seeing and hearing all year. Yet there she was, excited for what the year would turn out to be. Listening to William Murphy, even before the ball dropped, she was convinced this was her season, her year.

The ball was dropping. She was seated next to a couple, she wasn’t eavesdropping but she caught herself listening. The lady was speaking to her man,

…the weekend prior was a drunken one and I think I was experiencing alcohol poisioning, hence the lasting fatigue. On Sunday night, I was already wishing I hadn’t agreed to it. I had zero energy and yet was about to let you vent on me; so I decided to just do it and not think about it. At midnight you called. At that time, I wasn’t aware that your moods change at night and that you don’t talk. You called, you weren’t talking, just typing. It came off as cold; not to mention you were degrading me – calling me your bitch, your slut. So I was like, “Here’s the beast”. It made me anxious. This was just the beginning and there would be three more days of such…”

She shook herself from listening just to get herself ready to scream wildly for the New Year. So she turned, and just as she did, she noticed two men were scuffling and it looked like it was graduating into a fight. She was very well aware of that whatever you saw, heard, do or eve say when the ball drops on New Year’s is what you will experience in the year. But just as the scuffling men were about to fully catch her attention, she notices that she is being touched inappropriately and her dress was being gently lifted off her. So she turns and pushes this human being away, she does so as vigorously as she could and she hears a thud. On looking, the lady she had pushed away was on the floor with blood gushing from the back of her head. She then said to herself, “I have just become a murderer!”

As she transitions into shock for potential homicide, she sees the screen flash brightly with graphics reading,

“No regrets. This is a fresh start. Forget everything else. Happy New Year.”

In all these, whatever you do, say, or hear when the ball drops on New Year’s is what you will be doing, seeing, saying and hearing all year.

Disclaimer: I do not own the art piece used above. All Rights reserved to the artist Jakub DK. To get more of the art used here and more of the artist’s work Click Here

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