T H A L L I U M …

It had been a cold day that ended in heavy rains. She was dead tired from the day and uninspired from the heavily repetitive routines of the day. She did not mind the acid rain pouring down on her. She did not mind being totally drenched as she walked through the rains with no attempts whatsoever to shield herself. Heavy thoughts were forcing their way out of her. Her soul longed for someone who would understand her in her broken state. This was a hunger deep seated in her soul. As cliché as it is, the deserted streets in their emptiness represented every emotion within her.

Then as she looked around, in between two buildings, she caught some action. She saw two men struggling. In their struggle, one picked up a bottle -a glass bottle, broke it against the wall and stubbed the other man thrice in the abdomen. As he fell to the ground from being stubbed, he was choked until he could breathe no more. She then came alive. She felt love, she felt connected, she knew she had found the one who would understand her.

She called out to the man who seemingly had won. He was frightened, he knew she was a witness. He knew he would never be at peace around her as she could choose to turn him in or even blackmail him at will. He walked towards her ready to turn her into another victim. As soon as he got to her, she pressed herself against him in an embrace and kissed him passionately. On his lips, she tasted violence, death and danger. Never had she been so excited before.

“Let’s go home.” She said. He didn’t say a word but agreed to go along with her. The whole way she did not say a word. They got to her place. She offered him food after which she invited him for a bath. She scrubbed away all the blood stains from his body and made him as comfortable as one would. After all these, he looked at her and whispered, “Thank you!”

She put on some entertainment for him then she went back to the kitchen to prepare some food for him. She fed him. She invited him to her bedroom where they would sleep. She then put on some music and danced for him. She striped for him. Today, she was motivated; she was inspired. They got intimate. As they did, she could tell there was another woman on his mind and in his heart. She did not mind being the forbidden fruit.

They slept. In the middle of the night, she was woken up by sobs. She opened her eyes but did not move. She wanted him to be comfortable enough to cry and let out the emotion. She listened to him cry till he fell asleep. When the morning came, she did not mention it because she understood that no man wants to be told that he was heard crying. She served him breakfast instead.

Then he stood to walk out. “Thank you.” He said. She knew he wouldn’t return but to him she said, “You are welcome. The door will always be open to you.’ He nodded. He didn’t look back. He walked away. She kissed in the direction that he went away in.

Disclaimer: I do not own the image nor the rights used in the image above. The artist owns it all. To get in contact with the artist or to see more of his work Click Here

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