U N B I D D E N …

For weeks now, Devin has been receiving letters to her mail from a name she couldn’t recognize. As such, she made no attempts to check for the contents of the mail. The more time went by the more curious she became. She needed to find out. She needed to find out who the sender of these mails were or what the intentions were and why she was picked. She decided to make an inquiry to the post office, upon making the inquiry she discovers that the post office has delivered no letters to the street she lives in for almost half a year. If anything, people living along her street address had collectively informed the post office that they preferred to pick up their letters themselves.

Devin was shocked and traumatized by this finding. Who was delivering these letters? She then decided to keep vigil to watch who would deliver the letter. With lights off through the entire night she watched keenly. She neither dozed off nor lost concentration. She did not see anyone drop the mail. Due to keeping vigil, at around three in the morning she began to wear out and she let out a yawn so wide that her eyes shut momentarily. Finally, it’s six in the morning and she goes to heck her mail box only to find a mail sitting there waiting for her. Devin couldn’t understand just what was going on.

She then decided to look through her security footage. She saw a man in a grey hoodie with black shorts deliver the mail. She then noticed that she had always seen this man at the end of the street every time she picked her mail. As immediate as Devin would pick her mail, the man would run off. She also noticed. this man was always around her house almost as though he was watching. Devin knows better than to confront the man. She finally gives into her curiosity an opens the letter that had been delivered that day. The contents of the letter do not make sense to her.

The letter’s content comprised of co-ordinates only. After she opened the letter, she looked outside her window and saw the man run off. The following day, the post man delivered a letter to her mailbox. This letter had three leaves of paper. One had a blue helicopter seemingly at an airstrip that was not too far from her place. The second leaf of paper had a pearl white Mercedes Benz drawn with Devin’s house in the background. On the drawing, Devin was getting into the car. The third leaf of paper had the words, “ARE YOU READY” on them.

Devin felt like the right thing to do would be to report the matter to the police. She then dressed up ready to go to the police station. As soon as she locked the gate, the pearl white Mercedes Benz pulled up to her gate and she was dragged in. She could recognize the guy with a hoodie. Underneath the hoodie, he had a mask on. Devin was too terrified to scream. A few moments later, the car stops and they’re at the airport. Guess what she sees? A blue helicopter. She is then carried from the car to the chopper and it takes off. At this point, Devin is confused, all these people looked like the guy who had always been at the end of her street. What did they want with her?

After about fifteen minutes of flight, the chopper lands. She is carried from the helicopter to a house. Then everybody else runs back to the chopper and it takes off. She opens the door to the house and the house is full of diamond jewellery, gold bars, stacks of money and wine cellar full of 75 years matured wine. The house is also properly furnished and looks to be well maintained. There was nobody else in the house. She was left alone there. What does she have to do with all these?

Disclaimer: I do not own the art used above. To access this and more pieces by the artist Click Here

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