J U D A S …

It is said that it is wrong to bring up the dead and their opinion especially in matters they never spoke upon for we know nothing about a dead man’s perspective. Even so, why rob the dead of their right to think? Bodies die, their spirits carries on so their mind is still active so they have an opinion. It is not they who cannot communicate it; it is us who are unable to understand what they say. That is why if you stood close enough to Dean’s grave, you’d hear him say, “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. You told the whole world it was a mistake yet the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine for trusting you.”

Dean and the wife had been married for nearly a decade. Their marriage was complete in every aspect except for one -they were unable to bring forth a child. What was depressing to Dean was the fact that he had so much property but upon his death, there would be no one to inherit and enjoy his wealth. This prompted Dean to take the matter to the wife so that they forge a way forward. Their agreement brought them to adopting two children, a boy and a girl. This gave Dean and the wife a lot of joy because finally they felt complete.

Time went by and the children grew into adults. The lady grew to be admirable, socially acceptable, protective and highly productive. She was given charge over most of the property. Austin on the other hand, as productive as he was, was antisocial and really just kept to himself. He occasionally would reward himself by being mischievous and being ill mannered. He once broke into a jewellery store and stole goods whose worth would cripple the business, he also robbed beggars. Everything he stole, he could afford. When Dean learned of this, he did the best he could to protect Austin; he took Austin out of town even before he could be identified by the authorities. He kept Austin out of town for a while until the matter had cooled down. Dean took the position of a good Samaritan and returned all the stolen items claiming he found them dumped somewhere.

When Austin was moved to another town, he became angry and thought to himself, “All Dean wants to do is to keep me far from the estate so that in the end I have no inheritance.” He then planned in his heart and his mind how to get back home to Dean that he may secure the inheritance. He made his way back home. On getting home, he calls the police and reports to the police that the sister has lost it and is going insane. He made this call after seeing Dean and the wife lying on the floor in a huge pool of blood. He gave the police officers the location and said that for the sake of his safety, he would leave the house and the scene.

When the police arrived, they found Dean and the wife drowned in their own blood. They also found Austin’s sister dead with a gun in her hand. Anyone would conclude that this has been murder followed by suicide as it was that obvious. Looking at Austin’s sister the police realized that she had two gun shot wounds on her neck.

Disclaimer: I do not own the image and art used above. All rights reserved to the artist. To access this work of art and more Click Here

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