U N C O …

On such days, she preferred not to drive around. She wanted to move in either pubic transportation or by foot on distances that she could cover that way. The weather was kind for that kind of activity. It was fairly humid and cloudy. She moved around very light that day. She created a playlist that would keep her both entertained and motivated. She always looked forward to that day, it always felt like a break from her usual routine. Malik did this monthly.

As she was walking a stretch of roughly a kilometre and a half, a car stopped by. It was a lady driving the car. The lady honked at Malik. Upon getting Malik’s attention, she slapped the co-driver’s seat twice and said, “Are you going to come in or remain out?” Malik being quite the spontaneous person, she is got in. Malik stared at the lady for a moment. The lady was strikingly beautiful with a perfect hairline, very healthy African hair in really high volume. The lady was dark, just like a berry. White eyes, fairly chubby and strikingly beautiful. Her cologne was sweet and for a second Malik was arrested in her beauty. Then the lady began to speak.

“Hey pretty lady, you looked really nice and beautiful out there. I couldn’t resist picking you up. Are you comfortable? She asked.
“Most certainly I am. You are very attractive yourself.” Malik replied.
“You think so? What if this isn’t my real face?” She responded.
“Even if it isn’t, I’m sure nature wouldn’t be so crude to you!” Malik spoke back as though to reassure the lady.
“Aha! Thank you!” The lady paused. “You are grown and sexy right from your head to your feet. You’ve got that perfect face, that perfect look that perfect smile. Then I stopped, you turned then I noticed you do look better from behind – Chamilionare would agree.” The lady dared to flirt with Malik.
“Wow!” Malik exclaimed as she blushed.
“You have thick thighs, I have a long tongue.” The lady added.
Before Malik could reply, the lady went on to speak, “You will find garbage spread in front of your door. Do not spend time cleaning it. Walk straight to your house, go from one room to another switching on lights and leave them on. You shouldn’t pick your phone when it rings neither should you draw your curtains. Break your mirror, tie your hair in a pony tail. Take off all your clothes then walk into your kitchen, warm the chicken then walk out of your backdoor. When you fall down, stay down. Then all will be well. That’s all you need to know.” She finished.

Malik was shocked, as she looked up, she found herself standing alone where she had been picked up. She was very confused and undone. She kept walking to her next destination nevertheless. After she was done with all her day’s activity, she took a cab home. Normally, she would take public transport home but on that day she was a little bit too tired to keep to her routine. When she got home, the cab driver told her that her costs had already been covered by some lady. She got off the cab even more confused. What a day that was.

She immediately noticed all the garbage that had been spread at her door. When she turned around, the cab had vanished. Her neighbourhood looked fairly deserted. Every house around had all windows open with lights on. She went on to get into her house. When she switched on her lights, both her cell phone and her house phone started ringing. Before she could think of picking her phone, laughter emanated from all the phones. Hurriedly, she rushed to he room. When she looked in the mirror, she saw a man standing behind her, when she looked behind her, there was nobody. She then broke the mirror.

Malik then started abnormally itching. This led her to taking off all her clothes. For some weird reason, her hair kept getting into her eyes so she tied up in a pony tail. She was suddenly very hungry; she walked to the kitchen took some chicken from the fridge and placed it in the microwave. As she waited, she heard some movements in her backyard, she headed for her backdoor to check what was happening. She hit the ground really hard. When she tried moving her head, a migraine attacked her forcing her to stay down.

The next thing Malik knew was that she was in the car with this beautiful lady who really looked familiar. Then the lady looking at her says,

“See, I told you all will be well. Now that you are here, you have thick thighs…”
“And you have a long tongue..” Malik interrupted.

Disclaimer: I own the story, I however do not own the art used above. All rights reserved to the artist. To get/ access this art piece Click Here

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