S C A L P …

The coordination between my pen and brain still prove insufficient in generating the wisdom found in the words ‘guard you heart’. Ought we not understand that the heart not only is the centre of our personality, the seat of our will and understanding but also the lab in which our hidden motives are shaped in anticipation of the perfect opportunity to thus manifest? Well, to some, that journey isn’t worth starting; to Hiral, it wasn’t even worth considering.

Whilst all by herself, Hiral conceived a notion of entertainment that would have her ultimately satisfied by him -who would be on the edge, high on adrenaline. She thought to herself, “I will break his PS4, flush his weed and then get naked and ask him to beat me up!” Hiral’s masochistic tendencies cried out for his sadistic ambitions and habits and by projection, this would be a night to remember. Hey, on both sides of eternity, this would be a night to remember. If indeed eternal justice is inescapable, then this night demands a jury with an eye for passion, lust, vengeance and mercy. Summon the angels with the sizzling of ratchet demons. What shoes are needed while sharing a dancefloor with the devil?

The day wasted away as Hiral drowned in her own fantasies of pleasure. This had to play right. According to the clock, he would get home any moment then. She drowned an overdose of ecstasy in his water and wine. Hiral was already set. He walked in and was immediately served with water, a glass of water as always. He then cleans up in the shower set to enjoy his glass of wine while playing his favourite game. Just as he settled, Hiral unplugs the PlayStation and hammers it to pieces. “I am your PlayStation now!” She whispers seductively. “Won’t you punish me?” She suggested. She then stripped right in front of him.

The devil’s pleasure is always wrapped in suffering. He calmly stood up, carried her to the playroom. “Let the games begin!” Without a hint of emotion, he started caressing Hiral. She got excited. He then proceeded to kiss her with absolutely no hint of tenderness. It was a kiss passionate and deep yet beneath it was a volcano of violence. He then bit her tongue; not for her excitement though. He dug his teeth deep, so deep that her cut tongue halfway through. He then proceeded to cuff her arms and legs. He then made her stand upright supported by the wall. He reached out for the leather whip. He wasn’t interested in flogging; he wanted to whip.

Hiral noticed the absence of soul in his eyes, she got terrified. She started crying, begging. She understood that she had unlocked a new level of insanity in his sadistic mind. The reality that confronted her was that she might end up on the other side of eternity. She started begging and apologizing, even through the blood pouring out of her mouth from her bleeding tongue. He looked up and said, “PlayStations have no voice!”

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8 thoughts on “S C A L P …

      1. Like she wasn’t even serious about the whole PS , she was just being flirtatious , she doesn’t need torture 😂 that bad


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