E X A N I M A T E …

All he knew was that everything had been paid for that night. This was evidenced by the reckless abandon and ruthless aggression in the energy of the room. Rober noticed an elegant lady by the window. He walked over to her to shoot his shot. She was warm and receptive to him, even offering him her drink. Upon sipping the drink, gradually everything started looking more terrifying. On looking around, the sight was like that of people screaming like demons swinging from the ceiling. It was a sight as close to watching the dead dancing on their graves.

When he turned to the lady, she was no longer there. He freaked out! Wouldn’t you? He started calling for help and attention, no one responded to him. He blamed this on the loudness of the place and the madness that had taken over. Walking to the DJ, Rober had a request to ask of the DJ; he wanted the DJ to at least pause the music and help him get some assistance. The DJ did not respond to him. Acting on frustration, Rober unplugs the DJ, the music goes quiet. Rober then couldn’t wrap his mind around why people continued in their partying and the DJ wouldn’t even bother. Who dances to silence? Confusion, like a tidal wave came crushing over him. Like a hurricane tearing through nature, incertitude tore through his soul.

It then goes without saying, Rober walked out of the party. In this, shock punches through his reality like a bullet hitting a wall when he sees the sun high up in the sky like it was midday. In a move to return his mind to normalcy, he elects to go back to the party. He turns and is absolutely stunned to the core as the building from which the party was happening was non-existent. What type of drug was in that drink? With nothing left to do, he starts walking down the streets. Rober doesn’t understand why his face is on posters everywhere reporting that he is missing. He walks into his friend’s home and finds people gathered there. People seem sombre and the inspiration for the mood is him missing. He then shouts, ‘Guys, but I’m here!’. Nobody turns to look at him. This hurts him. This makes him sad. He walks out and now heads to his own house.

Getting to his door, he is unable to open it. He tries through and through; he still couldn’t get the door. He sits at his front yard and minutes later he sees his brother pulling up in a mover’s truck. He walks right past Rober and starts emptying Rober’s house to the truck. Rober tries to stop them but they walk right past him. Rober begins to weep. He really couldn’t understand what had been put in his drink that really altered his reality like this. He watches as his home is emptied and then locked up and advertised as vacant.

He was now officially homeless, his brother had robbed him in broad daylight. Rober decides to swing by a local church. In doing so, he finds a service going on. He decides to sit in for it to pass time. Rober found it extremely weird that he knew everyone in the service. He also did not understand why there were so many pictures of him everywhere in the church. It is at this time that Rober realizes that this was a memorial service for him.

Disclaimer: I do not own the art used above, all rights reserved to the artist. To get this art and more of such Click Here

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