L U R K …

He always knew that at some point his head would be the hunted trophy. He often had dreams of his life being ended prematurely. This turned him to a very calculative and strategizing being. He understood his purpose, he knew what the achievement of it would mean to the regular citizen. As such, he lived more cautiously as he would not risk dying before finishing what he had started. All these notwithstanding, he was courageous enough not to live a life of fear.

Three architects from three different continents were used to design his office. He did not go for the established architects but students who were just about to graduate. He built his home into his office yet still maintained his home as it were. He knew they would be watching his movements to and from his office. This led him to automate his office lights, they would go on and off at particular times. He hired drivers who would always drive empty cars. His office lights automatically go off at eleven in the night and at three in the morning they would go on automatically. Ten minutes after the lights would go off, one driver would drive out of the premise. Fifteen minutes before the lights would go on another driver would drive into the premises. He would never work from the office though.

One time in a restaurant while having lunch, he saw a really pretty woman and thought it wise to strike a conversation. From then, they met a couple of times and he decided to invite her to his home. The only time he let his guard down, he was caught. They now knew where he lived, how he eats and even how he sleeps. He was an influential business man whose ethics were slowly taking over the city. He had influenced politicians and lawyers to take action on a pharmaceutical company that would intentionally poison the public so that they would provide the antidote. The pharmaceutical company decided to bait him with this lady at that restaurant. After being careful all his life, he was going to be murdered while asleep.

That day, they agreed that she would get home earlier to cook for him and he was to leave the office earlier. He had agreed to breach his routine for her. They waited for his office lights to go off and off they went. Ten minutes later, a car drives out of the premises -right on schedule. Minutes after leaving the office premises, the car is sprayed with bullets from every side and just for good measure, a grenade was hurled at it as the car exploded into flames.

Just as the car went up in flames, she calls the guys and lets them know that he has just pulled up in his drive way. They had taken down the wrong person. Hadn’t they agreed he would leave the office earlier? To their credit, they had expected him to be smart about his movements. Anticipating such a move, they had another hit squad close by that was ready to strike at a moment’s notice. In three minutes, the hit squad was also pulling up in the drive way. He hadn’t left his car yet. As he opened the door, he was struck with a baseball bat right at the back of his head and then was stabbed severally. While they were at it, she hears his voice calling from behind her, “I’m really hungry, is the food ready?” She is stunned at this point. She proceeds to assure him that the food is ready and invites him to the table.

Just as he sits at the table, she draws a gun and at point blank range shoots him twice in the head. She then calls in and tells her people that the mission is finally accomplished. Immediately she gets done with the call, her phone rings. To her surprise, it was him calling. When she picked the call, he said to her, “Sorry I’m running late. But a question, what do you think they would be aiming for if they miss your heart?”

Disclaimer: I do not own the art and the image used above. All rights belong to the artist. To access this work and more from the artist Click Here

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