Reaching new depths of solitude, an access to a new dimension of insanity was granted. In the past, darkness had been the very absence of light, yet then, from where he stood -darkness was the actual substance. Darkness had become self sustaining and independent of light. The only music to soothe his soul would have to be drawn from the fountains of imperfect harmonies, tone deaf singers and untuned violin strings. If insanity was a curse to the mortal, then his mortality stood as an antithesis to this law.

Levitt had stared down the empty walls for far too long. Consequently, every faculty within his being elected the dead to sing down the skies. Even though the earth could not afford it, the sky was over. In his prison cell, he had lost perspective. His voice increasingly sank into a whisper, a coldness benumbed his heart. No one would visit him, not owing to a judicial decree but for the reason that there was no one else in his life.

He had no one else in his life up until three days prior to his freedom. Staring into the concrete walls, his first visitor shows up.

“Hey Levitt,” he spoke, “I have an assignment for you. Once you are freed, you first have to torch down this penitentiary, hunt down the judge that convicted you and kill him in cold blood. You will be paid handsomely.” Lyree finished his instructions and left. A sense of purpose had been restored to Levitt.

Then came the second guest.
“Levitt, it’s been a while. In a couple of days you will be released. I will pick you up at the gate. We have a job at the bank. The job is the branch manager of the bank. The only thing we steal from him is his breath. Get ready” Ron then left.

Immediately Ron left, two guards came to Levitt’s prison cell. The doors swang open. They took Levitt up and led him on. This was the day of his freedom. Levitt couldn’t help but smile. He was happy, he was elated. He was then led to a room with one chair right in the middle. He was then strapped to the chair.

“Levitt Icus, this is your sentence. Death by electric chair for the murder of Lyree, a magistrate and the arson of a prison facility. You are also charged with the murder of the bank’s branch manager.”

The charges for the electric chair were set off. Levitt felt the current rush through his body. Then the current stopped. Lyree appeared to Levitt,

“Did you get the job done?” She asked

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