W O N D E R …

Navid wasn’t dead when she felt as though pennies were being put on her eyes for the dead and gone to sing her soul away. She could tangibly feel paradise disappear yet she couldn’t figure out where the angels had gone. She began to sweat. She trembled. Navid was running short of breath, then her phone rang. She was informed that her aunt had just passed away. Navid’s heart sank. Following that, it was also made known to her than an inheritance worth five hundred thousand dollars was left for her on condition that she takes care of a century old home.

Prior to this day, Navid hadn’t known the existence of this home. She asked to be taken to the home and the response she got was, “No one knows where the home is but you!” She was intrigued. If anything, she wasn’t even close to the aunt. The grief did not make sense to her. She then took a nap. In her dream, she saw an old house that looked exactly like hers with a basement that had not been accessed for a long time. As soon as she got curious to find out what was in the basement, she woke up.

She decided to go to the home of the deceased. Upon getting on site, she finds her aunt’s house already demolished. Navid heads back home. On reaching her gate, she remembers the dream. She closely examines the structure of her house and she gets convinced that this is exactly what she saw in her dream. She remembers, from the dream, that there was a hidden door besides her main door. She gets in the house and on looking, she finds the hidden door.

She struggles with the door and finally it opens. She finds a switch and she puts it on. Because she lived in that house, she was so sure no one had been to that part of the house in a while. What she saw suggested otherwise. The place was sparkling clean and the floor was properly polished. There was neither webs on the wall nor any sign of dust. There was a chart on the wall that got Navid’s attention.

On the chart, she finds a detailed plan on how her aunt was going to die. It includes the date, time and place of her death. She also sees the instruction on how the aunt’s death was to be handled; even how her house should be demolished. She notices that in that plan, it was also scheduled that she would pass by the house after the demolition. Her dream had also been written down including how she would wake up from her dream. Part of the record was even the number of steps she was to take to get to the board.

Navid then came across documents with future events also detailed to the very hour of happening. She reads on the bombing of parliament and the assassination of the president. She sees the name of the people who would carry this out. She also sees a properly successful enterprise. As she is reading about that, she reads that the half a million dollars she got as an inheritance is the evidence of how successful the enterprise would be as that would be a weekly wage.

On further examining the room, she finds another document. This document had all her details and a note that said, “I, Navid, set all these in motion. I will never remember I did, so I have written it down.

Disclaimer: I do not own the art piece used in this piece. All rights remain with the artist. No copyright infringement is intended. To get this piece and more Click Here

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