C U L P A B L E …

“You can come over. I got time. He won’t be back for another week.” That’s what she said to him. He wasted no time. An opportunity to settle their lust for each other had presented itself; he’d be damned not to take it up. This was a break from her marriage and a time to spice up her life.

Her husband had a routine. Before he married her, he had built for himself a mancave within the house. The wife never knew about this. His routine before every business trip involved him taking his car to his best friend’s place, coming back home, stay in his mancave an entire day alone and then would leave the following day. The premise for this was to allow him to fully lock in on the assignment to be executed. As per usual, he delivered the car to his best friend and then went ahead to lock in on the assignment.

She ushered him in, got him comfortable and then led him to her matrimonial bed. They started getting intimate. Coming as an anomaly, there was a flaw in the husband’s routine. On starting to lock in on the purpose of the business trip, he realized that he was missing one important document. His suspicion was that he had left it in the study. He left his mancave and went for the document. It was then that he had moans and groans . Yet still, he went on ahead to pick the document and went back to his space. In that moment, he elected to find out what was really going on.

Gently opening the door, he saw his wife with another man on their matrimonial bed. He paused and watched for a while before making his presence known. He calmly told the man to dress up and leave. That he showed no emotion not only terrified the wife but also left her more than surprised. After the man had left the premises, he called the office and let them know that he no longer has the capacity to make the trip nor to execute the given assignment. Furthermore, he requested for a leave of absence. It didn’t seem even for a moment that he was hurting or even angry. Heart of stone.

Following that, he calmly gave the wife a tour of the house. He showed her even his most secret place, the mancave. He took the liberty to explain why he had never shown her that part of the house before. After the tour, he asked the wife to clean up and also to dress up as they would go shopping -the wife’s favorite activity- in an hour. While shopping, to the wife’s amazement, he remembered everything she had ever asked for and he didn’t get them for her. These were the items he was getting for the wife. He seemed unperturbed by the incident earlier in the day.

Days, weeks even months passed. He still wouldn’t talk about it. Every time the wife slept and woke up, he would find him staring at her, watching her. A certain fear started getting a hold of her. She started hallucinating . It was as though her gut was trying to pass a warning to her. In one of her episodes, they had gone for a vacation to coast. He hired a yacht for just the two of them. They set out deep to the waters. When they couldn’t see any land in the horizon, he began to torture her. He tied her hands and then attached a heavy box to her feet and threw her into the ocean to drown.

Immediately following that episode, her husband walks up to her and tells her, “I have made reservations for us to go to Coast for a week.”

Disclaimer: I only own the story. All copyrights to the art belong to the artist of the work. If interested in the art https://arabartforsale.com/en/paintings/depression-2233

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