The struggles that attend to all adults mid-month were upon her. Normally, she would take a cab home, but the finances at the time forces her hand to take the bus home. On getting to her stop, together with her, a man stood to get off. With him was a bag. As he stood, from his bag dropped a smaller bag. He didn’t seem to notice it. She picked it up and went after the man; calling out. He didn’t seem to hear her! Getting off the bus, she intended to get this bag to the man but it seemed like he disappeared into thin air.

She stood there, fairly confused. Considering the aging of the day, she elects to head home with the bag to drop it at the local police station early the next day. As was routine on getting home, she put on some music and went ahead to take a shower. Whilst in the shower, she felt as though people had broken into her house. She freaked out. She left the water running but slowly crept out of the bathroom. On peeping, she saw the guy who had left the bag in the bus walking out of the door. Yet, the bag was still there, exactly where she had left it. Right on the table.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, she came back to her senses. A vivid imagination was one of the gifts, perhaps even a curse, she was born with and this was another episode of her imagination taking over. She turned off the shower. dressed up, warmed some food and sat by the table. On settling, she picked out something unusual. There was a foreign scent in the air. The bag was not in the same position she left it. In fact, some of the contents of the bag had been spilled on the table.

Calmly, she reached out for her laptop and revised the security footage. The security footage confirmed that no one had gotten into her house. Or so it seemed. This may have been another episode. Even if it were just in her head, the contents of the bag were actually spilled on the table. In natural curiosity, she reaches for one of the pages spilt from the bag. Going through the contents of it, she discovers it to be a ransom note. They all were ransom notes. Disturbing ransom notes at that.

This shakes her cold. She revises her decision to forward the bag and its contents to the police station the following day; instead, she would do it immediately. On standing, she hears footsteps outside her door. The footsteps would approach her door, then she would hear a thud, the footsteps would move away from her door. This went on for 15 minutes. Now, she is frightened. Then it stops. Collecting herself, she goes to open the door. She is met with big black bags all of which were open. She could see they were filled with money. The word ringing in her head at the time was, “RANSOM”

She hurriedly pulls the bags into her house and just as she finishes, police sirens are heard approaching. Dozens of police cars pull up to the front of her house. She freezes. Then the police officers come out. They are all dressed like her. Both male and female officers were dressed like her. Then, the bowed to her!


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