With tears falling effortlessly from his eyes, he made his plea. “I’m here on my knees and wondering if you and I will be possible again. Will you ever return? Maybe for old times’ sake or even as a fleeting memory. Will you return to make me whole again? I am half the man I used to be when you loved me; I need to be whole again! Won’t you hear my cry and return; if you can’t return, then, please invite me to where you are. I cannot face this restless world without you!”

He wept. He wept his heart dry in pain. She only watched him weep. Helpless as well. As she did, the Other Guy came and took her by the hand and took her away. This is a cold world.

As the Other Guy walked into the darkness with her, he followed them. She did not notice him following them, but the Other Guy did. The Other Guy neither chased him nor told him off. In fact, the Other Guy allowed him to come close enough to overhear their conversation. He heard the Other Guy ask her, “What am I going to do with you?” He heard her respond to the Other Guy, “Everything! We have eternity!”

His heart shattered. It was at this point that she realized he was following them. Looking him dead in the eyes, she said it again to the Other Guy with even more conviction, “Everything! We have eternity!” If the dagger was already in his flesh, it was now being twisted. This is a cold world!

He began to speak to her again. “Every text you sent I printed them out and still kiss them, I cherish them in parts of me so deep. I don’t know how to face a life without your light – but everything I felt for you has been ripped apart for you have refused to fight. At this m moment, I only wish you weren’t my friend, because then I could hurt you.”

As he finished speaking, the Other Guy carried her in his hands. This time, she did not look his way. She didn’t care for him. She didn’t care to say goodbye. She now showed absolute commitment to the Other Guy. This was the end. The absolute end. She was no more, no pulse left. No hope for a return. The only thing he could do was imagine her soul fly away. This, indeed, is a cold world.

Disclaimer: The art used above is not my creation. No copyright infringement intended. To access the image from the source follow the provided link https://laughterhopesockintheeye.com/tag/medicine-man-in-pain/


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