When Smiles Speak…

don't just smile...
speak, do not let your smile speak for you

When these smiles speak,
Underneath they cover the death and scars that lay within,
Yet with each passing minute a ghost for war with our souls is revealed,
And the truth sets in-only few battles won for in many of those
We rest in peace and a piece of our hearts is lost beneath,
Just because we let our smiles speak.

Sin haunts and births tragedies, tragedies like fat triplets,
These tragedies springing from the darkness that lays behind
The actions that our hands and feet saw it fit to engage in without quit.
Learn that when our conscience with all precision is taunted
It is our part of the bottomless pit we share with the devil In the wake of letting our smiles speak.

A demon in light will stretch his hands to invite you to dance;
Then you will let your smile speak.
Step through another you will tour the dance floor as you feel the rhythm
Take you higher and higher, the beauty your dance suit holds will fade
After you realize the higher you go the harder you fall,
Yet all this is because we let our smiles speak.

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