Breathe; Be There ..


Drawing away from the usual hustles, with eyes cast deep into the sky, my thoughts zero down to you. I dare invest the words that this tongue can utter in you. Yes, I know my grammar is grown yet I adorn it the more in a bid to jibe the abounding beauty that rests with and within you. It would be delude of me to declare that, in terms of proximity to my heart, you are close. Never has a tear rolled down my eyes in your honor yet the much thought I direct to your being is worth an ocean of compassionate tears.

Preceding our meeting, your presence had already graced the devil’s dance floor. Consequently, the valor once in your possession had vapored away. A cloud of unworthiness constantly reigned over and rained on you. How much of your esteem suffered destruction? How much of your character had been assassinated? As time let out the wunds that lay within, I saw the much you had suffered in your paradise. I wanted to pull you out but the glory that awaited you was shown to me, I had to withdraw.

Her paradise was different. In it, a bright light shone, it shone so strongly that her eyes burned and her nerves set ablaze. It was a garden full of beautiful roses, roses that held themselves in high esteem but to anyone who stood close to them, they spat out blades and thorns. A beautiful orchestra played well composed music with harmonies so great. Yet the content of the music slowly digested her brains into psychological chemicals. Thats the paradise she lived in.

Within me, I thought, laid the power to bring her back to glory. To turn her abstract painted face into works that would make masterpieces by Michelangelo seem like nothing. But how was I to do that? Her wounds ran deep into the pits of hell where any demon wait for it to heal then take the healing away. Her hopelessness ran straight into heaven and even dared compete with the tower of hope. The stars she saw at night had the names of her problems- no wonder they were countless. So tired of hearing messages of hope, she sold out to the company of misery. Numb was her state, she felt pain no more. With that, where was the healing to start from?

That 3 am,just after the devil had finished patrolling his quarters, I took her out. I let her feel the breeze. To me, it was refreshing, chased the sleep away. To her, the cold breeze turned her heart a shed colder. So cold her heart was you could feel her tears freeze even before she thought of crying. It was then that I realized I had no solutions for her problems. Neither did I have the right words for her pain.

My hands went round her lower back, her hands went up my neck. She was safely wrapped in my hands and I felt her heartbeat. As I hugged her, I could feel and hear the cries of her heart so to her ears I whispered, ‘No answers, no solutions but I will be there!’ The rhythm of her heart changed. Her cry was stilled. There was peace. She didn’t need answers, she wanted me to be there…

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