Imma Say It Like This ...


‘How do you even house-in with yourself? Why in the darkness of hell would you term yourself Christian? A hypocrite you are. Your existence is a shame to your God!’ Speared unto me were those words. Momentarily, these words inflicted a quisling feeling within. The shame that came with it I couldn’t shirk. Yet accompanying it was an imitable joy and though I tried to put a kibosh on it, I smiled-widely. It portrayed me as churlish though. Then came my response;
‘Those factors you cited above were the brainchild of I yielding to Christianity.

Today, I dare explain my faith. Let attention be drawn to the selection of my words- I will explain my faith not defend.

Christianity is a path taken by the imperfect only. If any man considers himself barren of error then his/her clean feet are not worthy to trod this path. One becomes Christian through…

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