O C E A N S…

The clock was dancing to the tune of 8pm in the night. According to Leto’s schedule, they were to meet at his place at six in the evening. In such meetings, the lights would be out. The ambiance created by darkness puts to spark more intimacy which in the end yields results refreshing to the soul. He kept waiting, breathing deeply in darkness pressing close consciousness surrenders to the alluring siren of sleep.

Then a knock on the door. From how softly the door was knocked, Leto could tell who it was. He knew satisfaction was coming his way, a rush of excitement sent shockwaves all over his body as he reached for the door. He had been yearning for this for months now. Then he opened the door.

‘Sorry for being late,’ he said, ‘your wife told me about what happened. You want to see it?’ Knowing how late he was, he had no time to break the ice, he made his intentions clear to Leto.
‘I have been waiting for months now,’ Leto replied. ‘Lets get down to business.’

After he was ushered in, he made his way into the living room carrying a fairly large black pot. He appreciated the darkness in the room. As Leto was closing the door, he took off his blazer and trouser to be dressed in a royal purple rob accessorized with a white head gear. He then asked Leto to sit on the pot, at the opening of the pot. Casting spells and invoking spirits only he knew the names, he hypnotized Leto. Then a strong wind began to blow through and through the house. The windows flung open and it seemed like a good army of  bats invaded the room. These bats ran circles around the pot and Leto.

After a while, Leto was asked to get off the pot and sit crossing his feet with his eyes transfixed on the mouth of the pot. Then smoke began to rise from the inside, from the inside of that pot. Upon materializing, Leto saw the ghost-like image of his late wife and children. All of them were facing different directions. He then turned to Leto and spoke, ‘they will begin to move. But one at a time, follow each of them to get the answers you so desire’. Leto obeyed.

The ghost-like image of Leto’s wife was the first to start sailing through the room; Leto followed. The image went ahead to rest on a shelf in the study. The ghost seemed to be looking for something when it finally stumbled on a white envelope. Then the ghost started crying. Leto reached out for the envelope and found a CD inside. He then reached for his laptop and started to watch it. His late wife was at her father’s house celebrating the father’s 92nd birthday. Then four masked goons burst into the scene shooting the mother immediately and held a gun to Leto’s father in-law. They made it clear to Leto’s wife and father in law that their only chance of survival was if they slept together. Failure to that was result into the goons raping Leto’s wife in turns.

The 92 year old was forced to sleep with his daughter after which they shot him and left him for dead. The goons, however, allowed Mrs. Leto to walk away. She then rushed home thinking she would find Leto but she didn’t. She then went to their garage, she took four car batteries to empty them in their bathtub. She then got gasoline and added it to the mix in the bathtub. She then lit a cigar and dipped herself in the acid which went on to explode.

Then the ghost of his wife disappeared. He then came back to where the pot was, then the ghost of one of his kids started to move towards the kitchen. He wasn’t ready to find out how his son died. Leto then called out, ‘STOP! JUST STOP! This is too much.’ Leto paused. ‘Death holds the claim that it is not ready for me; I shall steal its day by employing suicide!’ Then Leto stormed out of his own house.


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7 thoughts on “O C E A N S…

  1. Nicely penned…. I love the suspense that held me to the end……..

    I never knew ray could write


  2. this is awesome Anduvate , nice piece.
    I loved the language, suspense,
    and the fact that Mrs lota lit a cigar and threw it into the mix and not a matchstick that’s creative .

    Liked by 1 person

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