I M M U R E …

Of course it’s true that no one taught the witch how to be evil. Or is it? The only truth that outran and outwrestled Tim was that forgiveness means letting go of the belief that the past will ever turn out any differently. He readily would blame the father for everything he went through in life forgetting that in the absence of forgiveness there is an undeniable connection between the son’s sin and the fathers.

Yet again, upon who’s back should we lay this cross? Say we let the father carry this cross. A compelling argument it would be. Through Tim’s entire childhood all he saw was a character presenting itself as a mockery of a man in the existence of his father. Tim’s father was forever under the influence of alcohol which inspired him to be violent towards the mother and inappropriate towards Tim. At least four times in a week would the father force himself on him to repeatedly molest him. Consequently, Tim suffered a rapturing of his identity overriding it with anger well blended with an emptiness of purpose and a need to lash out.

Tim grew sick of it. The thought of anything of a father drove him deep into insanity. He took the law to hand and murdered the father in cold blood. He then turned himself in and pleaded guilty to the murder. While in prison and interacting with other inmates, he learned that one amongst them had been convicted for child molestation. He did not hesitate to also murder that inmate in cold blood. Yet again he went to the warden to report himself. This led to solitary confinement. He argued out that all these, what he did was because of what he had endured as a child. If he is the witch, who taught him how to be evil? Shouldn’t he be responsible for his own life and actions?

What if our conclusion is this is Tim’s father’s doing? Did the father have a story of his own? All Tim’s father, Andre, knew from his childhood was that he was a mistake. Children were a mistake. If Andre’s father wasn’t abandoning him, then the mother would be spelling out how worthless Andre is. The mother would further substantiate the worthlessness of Andre by molesting him. Every time Andre’s father would swing by, he would leave Andre with more wounds and black eyes. How then was he to learn how to love the son? Who is the villain in this story? How could such a cycle be broken?

Yet no help was accorded to neither Andre nor Tim. Tim was branded hazardous to the public yet all the walls of his life was covered in violence, anger and hate. Tim branded Andre worthless and irresponsible yet all the vocabulary and alphabet’s in Andre’s dictionary spelled out unloved outcast. You stand accusing and pointing fingers to both, but what solutions have you to end this cycle?

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