They Won’t UNDER S T A N D . . .

‘I do not think they will understand, but you my friend- I will tell. Because you listen with no questions.’

‘It was meant to be an innocent sleepover. As the night crawled in, the urge to sleep, the urge to go to bed had taken its deep roots. It was then that I asked of her to show me where to go. She said “there is one bed just like the night”. Both of us were rusted from the day we had had.’

‘She told me to touch her till her ribs became piano keys and strings. This was in the hope that a sheet of music would be scrolled across the inside of her lungs to bring out the perfect breath- a moan. She wanted it intense, so intense much that her bruises and scars would turn to half moons hanging over tea-fields that yield pleasures of this earth.’

‘See, anytime she was homesick for my skin, my body would send postcards from all its darkest corners. But this night, I didn’t want the sun climbing my bones like octaves. So we both turned to our sides of the bed and smoked the darkness out of the night.’

‘When it was time to leave, it was arresting to see how much she needed my lips upon hers. Though not Christmas, the Santa spirit descended upon me and I granted her wish. Yet it ignited a new passion. I did it for her, not for my pleasure. Will they understand that I didn’t use her? If I told them the truth will they understand? Or will I be exposing my nakedness?’

You could tell he wanted to make things right. All I could say to Him was words, great words from the past,
“The moment that you feel, just possibly, you are walking down naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing yourself too much, that is the moment you might be starting to get it right.” Tell your sins to the world, my brother. They don’t need to understand.

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21 thoughts on “They Won’t UNDER S T A N D . . .

  1. Awesome piece. I love how you bring a vivid picture into the readers mind. I’m also amazed by the nakedness of it; saying it as it is. This could be one of my favourite pieces

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  2. Wow..completely mind blowing..impressive very immediately kept my attention though its hard to keep. Keep it up bro!!, 🙂

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