U N N A T U R A L . . .

The smooth jazz tunes that fool my feet to groove just faded,
Faded is the face of the moon shy of gracing the night, its glory ended,
Ended glory that flourished when her presence graced and made smiles
Out of faces that frowned, as she took to her horizon I lost my
Reason to smile, I cant stand and say that’s normal.
Almost convinced that if this heart bursts her face will be drawn,
Drawn I am to kiss towards the direction she walked in with deep affection,
affection that has me hoping and thinking she will be attracted back to me,
Back to me for mine eyes to see beauty in perfection and love to feel,
See all this is not normal, i may call it insanity.
Everyday I see the horizon paint a picture of her, though its growing faint,
Faint is also this warmness on the soul she created in me that I faint,
Faint every time she whispers ‘my love is yours for keeps’, a smile it creates,
It creates a space for her in my heart, mind and soul. Its just insane.
Even Tye Tribett asks ‘what can I do’, you tell me if its normal
(c)Anduvate Ray Solomon 2014

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