R U N …

‘Travelling through the cities in such devil infested hours doesn’t quite add up to what a wise man would pursue.’ I said to my self. Consequently, my shopping for a motel started. Not too hard a task did it prove to be considering within the five minutes, on the edge of this tiny town, I stumbled upon one. The architecture was archaic and the place seemed forsaken. In my assessment, orphaned spirits made this place their battleground when angry, adorning it with the face it had.

With the unavailability of a better option, and my Safaricom powered sim card being flat out on networked, I checked in. My room number was 1918. Opening the door to the room, a red carpet led to the bed. The walls were well decorated, it smelt fresh, so fresh and clean that I am forced to use a cliché to describe this place; it was spick and span. I tucked my self into bed and allowed my eyes to dart left, right and center in search of sleep. The minutes before I slept passed like years. But finally, as I took deep breaths in the darkness, my consciousness pressing in too close surrendered to the alluring siren of sleep.

In my sleep, I dreamt that I was asleep. In my dream of being asleep, another dream sprung. in the dream that sprung, two people, who possessed the faces of my high school teachers whom towards I held great detest, showed up in a manner likely to suggest that I was the enemy under attack. At my disposal was a shotgun fully locked and loaded. My mind had it conceived that my failure to take their breath away from them would be a success to them. Pulling the trigger was my heart’s one desire at that moment, but I wasn’t trigger-happy hence we both stood there staring at each other. Having not taken their lives, they took mine by allowing my head and heart to have a meeting with their bullets.

I expected to die. Yet, instead of dying, I fell into a totally new dream. Here, chains held me in confinement involuntarily enslaving me. The mortal representation of my soul- call it my body- was trapped within an iron cage. An iron cage which had been suspended over a furnace. As though the heat from the furnace wasn’t enough, hot nitric acid was poured into my cage up to my waist. I could smell my own flesh turning to a delicacy, so sweet was it that a temptation to feed on my own flesh was proving pretty hard to resist.

My skin totally peeled out and I could see my insides being smothered away by these chemicals and acids. At that point, owl-like creatures with hyena like teeth, vulture like talons kept feeding on me, on my insides for they were exposed. The pain derived from this experience totals up to be a suffering a man should never know. So much pain did it elicit that momentarily, a vision of hell is what I thought I was being shown. Further to all this torture, every so often toxic gases were injected into the cage. Everytime I inhaled, I felt my lungs collapsing into various acids.I could feel my brain decompose into maggots.

Then the chains fell off. Out of infinity, strength to fight these creatures came upon me. Strangulation, was the method I chose to suck the life out of them. As I strangled one, to my notice it comes that the face this creature has is that of my father. So I let it go. As I turned to the second creature, it starts to melodiously lay out my favorite song, upon closer examination, it was my wife. Again, I let go of it. I showed them mercy and in return they attacked me even more brutally than before so I broke both their necks. As they fell lifelessly I felt as though I was waking up.

As I woke up, my eyes opened to see the faces of the teachers I hated so much and this time without hesitation, I smoke both of them out. Immediately the died, I felt like I was waking up. My eyes opened to me sleeping in a dream and finally I woke up and found my phone ringing. When I received the call, this was all I could hear, ‘Go to exile, run away! The police are looking for you because it is said that you killed two of your teachers, your dad and your wife. There is evidence against you, RUN!!!’

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