C i r c u s …

‘Identify the criminal from the suspects we have’ The officer told me.
‘Sir, the criminal is here, but not among thee suspects you have.’ I replied.
‘That’s very strange sir. Our investigations tell us that one of these suspects is the real criminal.’ He said.
‘Yes officer. You are right! Everyone is a suspect sir.’ I told him
‘Owing to you being a witness, with a narration, let us know what happened.’ The officer requested.
‘Most obliged,’ I started , ‘Well, it was around 6pm when the criminal made his way through to the office of the CEO. On walking in, he made a call to his partner in crime. The call carried the message that his partner in crime should make his way there as well. About a minute later, a police officer walked in. Weird, right? The criminal had a gun pointed to the CEO. The criminal then looked at the officer and asked him to call for help before the situation got worse. The police officer reached for his radio and called for back up.’ I paused.

‘On requesting for back up, the four men you have as suspects walked in. They stood next to the officer. Both the criminal and the officer had a gun pointed to the CEO. The criminal from the back and the officer from the front. One of the suspects commented that this was messy and they wished they would do it in a cleaner way. The criminal said, there was no other way, the officer agreed. So they both shot at what was in front of them. And that was the CEO. That’s what happened.’ I finished my narration.

‘So you are saying one of my officers should join the suspects and all of them are accomplices? The officer asked me.
‘Do what you find wise.’ I answered.

I was then allowed to leave the police station.

I do not own any rights to the photo used above. All rights go the artist. To access more of the artist’s work click here


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