A D D L E D …

Mnawar had always been known as a dreamer. This time, he dreams that he is in a jail cell. There is blood all over his hands. The cell doors then clang open and an officer walks in to walk him to the interrogation room. In the interrogation room, two detectives were waiting to question him. In the interrogation room, there is a television screen. On that screen, he sees the lives of these two police officers play out before him. Just before he wakes up, he is warned not to tell anyone of the dream.

Immediately Mnawar wakes up, he tells his brother his dream. The brother seems perturbed and starts to move away from Mnawar. Mnawar starts to feel different, things were starting to change around him. He then loses consciousness. On regaining consciousness, Mnawar finds himself in a jail cell, crusted blood covering his hands. He has no idea how he got there. The cell doors clang open and an officer picks Mnawar and leads him to the interrogation room where two detectives await to question him.

One of the detectives asks the officer, “Was he told?”
“Yes, he was told and warned not to tell anyone about it” The officer responds as he walks away.

Whoever created the word confusion definitely had this moment of Mnawar’s life in mind.

Mnawar snaps out of his confusion and puts on a brave face. He looks at the two detectives and picks one.

“Hey Michael, just before you ask me the first question, your phone will ring. A man will speak to you very calmly, your wife will be screaming. At some point, the scream will be out of pleasure and at some point it will be out of pain.”

Michael walks out of the room in confusion. This left the other detective with Mnawar. The other detective said nothing. It felt as though Mnawar was among his first assignments. After a few moments, Michael walks back in the room.

The other detective asks Mnawar, “Do you have a lawyer?” “Nope!” Mnawar answered. The detective suggested they call a probono lawyer. He takes his phone and dials the number of the probono lawyer. As he is dialing, Michael is set to start questioning Mnawar. His phone rings.

Michael picks the call then looks at the other detective and asks, “Why are you calling me?”
“I don’t think I am.” The other detective responds very calmly.

Michael picks the call and true to it, it is the other detective calling. They look at each other. Then a woman could be heard moaning. Michael is perpelexed. Then woman then starts to scream, “Michael, Michael save me I’m dying!” Immediately after she screams, she goes back to moaning, “Don’t stop!” she says.

The other detective hangs up the phone and drops it in a glass of water . Michael’s phone goes quiet for a moment then the woman starts screaming again.

Disclaimer: I do not own the image used above nor rights to it. No copyright infringement intended. To access that work of art and more Click Here

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