Come his army, all his army to the battle, fire (Bamboo)
Come his army, all his army to the battle, fire (Bamboo)

Being a Christian is all about being a misfit. (For further information on that click here misfits) When you are a misfit, then from the crowd you will have to stand out. ( For further information click here) This only means you are in constant war. For any given war, you need weapons. For us Christians, God gave unto us a perfect weapon.

In Ephesians 6:13-18, our weapon is described to us. We are told to fasten the belt of truth- pause, who or what is the truth? To us its pronounced that we put on the breastplate of righteousness. As Christians, who is our righteousness? There’s fitting our feet with preparation that comes from the good news of peace. What/ who is the good news of peace about? To our armor, there is a shield of faith through which all the arrows of the evil one are extinguished. Who is the author and finisher of our faith? We are advised to take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. Who or what is the word of God? To all these questions, the answer is the same, Jesus Christ. With that, for us Christians, our perfect weapon is Jesus Christ.

Then how should/ do we access our perfect weapon? Three things or ways are given to Christian; prayer, praise and worship. Every soldier in the battleground has needs and worries. When a soldier worries about other things, his focus gets off the war and he becomes an easy target. This is why we are told not to worry. (Matthew 6:25When the word was given to man, God knew man would not really fully believe in that so he went ahead to provide a channel by which man can let go of our worries. This is prayer. It is the avenue. ( Philipians 4:6) In this, we let God deal with our worries and at that we are able to concentrate on the war we are in. Another strength in prayer is that we are able to hear from our commander. This guides us on how to fight sin. Prayer, especially during fasting, unlocks doors and unleashes untamed power.The first weapon given to a Christian by God is prayer. That’s why scripture tells us to pray without ceasing. (1st Thessalonians 5:17)

Then comes praise. Praise is the ultimate source of victory. When we praise God, victory is inevitable. Praise touches the hand of God. Scripture tells us that God upholds us with his mighty hand. Upholding means protecting, fighting, providing, healing, delivering and every other good thing. When in his hands, we experience his strength. (Psalms 3:3).  We see Israelites going against Jericho. They did not raise a hand or use any weapon, instead they raised a praise to God and the walls of Jericho fell. (Joshua 6) We also see them go to war and raise a praise to God and the enemies fought against themselves killing each other. ( 2 Chronicles 20) Praise also confuses the enemy. What power does a confused enemy have on you? It is for this reason that scripture tells us to constantly give thanks (praise)  no matter what situation we are in. Kirk Franklin in one of his songs says, ‘not for everything but in anything give thanks.’ This is because, in the words of Tye Tribbet, ‘ what you go through may not be good to you, but is good for you’. Scripture says all things work together for good. No matter how tough it gets, never put down your weapon of praise.

The third weapon is worship. Worship touches the heart of God. When we touch the heart of God, He comes down to us. God is looking for worshipers, those who will worship in Spirit and truth. (John 4:24) And unto those, he comes down to be with them. What can stand against the Lord? He is the King of kings, Lord of Lords. Mighty warrior, strong in battle. The elders in heaven never have needs because they worship. See, demons are spirits, but they have no rest, time and again they look for someone to torment. But the elders live in worship. They have God. They find rest. The heart of God is filled with love and compassion. It is with this love that he will take our place and fight for us.  We have to constantly worship God for that will cause him to come down to us. And when he comes, what/who can stand against him?

We are in a war. We have been given the full armor who is Jesus. We access Jesus through prayer, praise and worship. Jesus already won the war. How much peace awaits us when we are in a war and we are hidden in the one who already won? Its time for war Christians, you have the perfect weapon.

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